Can people, neighborhoods, and cities really be "revived and renewed"?


Every day I am reminded of the issues we face in Los Angeles surrounding homelessness, children at risk, and people’s need for the good news of Jesus’ love. I imagine you wrestle with these realities as well. We are all aware of the problems, but often feel paralyzed as to how to respond. The good news is God has a plan. You may not be aware, but Jesus is alive and active in the city of Los Angeles and around the world. Through the power of His Spirit, people like you are joining Jesus in bringing about spiritual, relational, physical, mental, and emotional revival and renewal. God’s plan is the Church…it’s always been the Church. Let’s JOIN TOGETHER and MAKE A DIFFERENCE all for the glory of God!

On God's mission with you,
Rev. Mike Morgan

Mission Trip Opportunities

Bel Air Church returns this summer to our partner churches in Brazil & South Africa.

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Homelessness     Evangelism    Children

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