Opportunity Details

Children's Choir Rehearsal Set-up Assistant

The Bel Air Children's Choir rehearses in C302 at 10 am Sundays, through mid December, then recommencing mid-January and continuing into April. The Set-up assistant prepares the room for this rehearsal according to clear instructions provided by the Director.

Opportunity Details:

Department: Traditional Worship
Time Commitment: Sunday mornings, 9:45 - 10 am weekly, in Fall and Spring semesters
Skills: Ability to be reliably on time and follow basic instructions for choir room set up. Set up has to occur during the 15 minute window because the room is being used by other ministries prior to 9:45; the children's choir director is in the sanctuary until 9:50 and not able to be in Evans until 9:55.
Special Demographics:
Requirements: Must be at least 18, Background Check
Priority: Medium
Days of the Week: Sun