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Registration closed on Friday, July 10, 2020


We are in the midst of very challenging times. With the health, economic, and social crises taking place, it is hard to know how to process and reflect on its effects. This impacts our church life, our family lives, and our personal lives. There is so much to balance, that it is difficult managing our thoughts & feelings.

As Bel Air Church, we want to be a place you can depend on for encouragement, inspiration, and healing. That is why we are offering a new support group called CrisisCare. This 6-week group will provide spiritual, emotional, and relational support in the midst of loss, fear, anxiety, anger, and loneliness.

With the leadership of Dr. Sherie Lomax, her background & expertise in mental health will present a safe setting where individuals can address their emotions, be heard, and move towards healing.

PLEASE NOTE: CrisisCare will be gathering through Zoom. For more information on Zoom and video conferencing, please visit Zoom