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Female seeking private room

Hi. I'm praying and hoping someone can help me! I'm looking for my own place, a 2 bedroom apartment for around $1,500 max. I'm a Christian, 31, single female who currently have been living with roommates. But I just found out a close family member of mine needs me to take in their child for some time. This family member only has me as family. And this child needs a home!  But rent costs is going to make it a struggle if I don't stick to my budget. I can take care of myself just fine! I have been doing just fine on my own! But now, I have to get a 2 bedroom apt, which I've never had before. Never needed it. The child is a young teenager, straight As, very well-mannered, very mature for her age, just a bright girl all around who wants to be a doctor when she grows up! Just so proud of her! 

I very much understand $1,500 for a 2 bedroom (in a safe area) is very hard to find, I get it! I do! I was just hoping that maybe someone might see this ad and may be able to help. Or if you can't help but know a landlord or someone that may be able to give me that little break I need, it would mean the world to me! I'm looking for this 2 bedroom between now and July 1st. So, I'm flexible on date. I'm very much open to locations, as long as it's safe! I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just decent and safe! If it's just me, it wouldn't matter too much. But since I will have a child with me, I need to think about her. But again, I'm very open to locations. Thank you for reading! Please pray for this kid. Please and thank you so SO much!!! 

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Email: Phone: 6266006592