Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

Spiritual Formation & Soul Care

"...until Christ is formed in you." Galatians 4:19.



What is Spiritual Formation?

The church has done a good job telling people what to "do for God," but we have not done a good job teaching people how to "be with God." Spiritual formation draws upon the Scriptures, spiritual disciplines, and lessons of the early and contemporary church to help people on that inward journey to be with Christ, hear from the Holy Spirit, and receive God's love.

Christian spiritual formation is the ongoing process in which we are shaped and formed into the person God created and intended us to be (Galatians 4:19). It is part of the journey of a disciple who follows Jesus.  It demands a different approach which is not concerned with programs that are instruction-based and focused on information about God, but rather are invitations for the formation of our spiritual heart.

As the context of the church, spiritual formation will not be loud, 'splashy,' or concerned about how many people fill the chairs of a will ideally be quieter, gentler, embracing God's presence and creation, and concerned more with what fills people's hearts.

Blessings on your journey,
Care Crawford
Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care.


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Men and women are welcome to all Soul Care events!

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Resuming every Monday and Tuesday, May 8/9 through June 19/20
Starting Monday, May 8 from 10-11am and Tuesday, May 9 from 6:30-7:30pm
(Soul Flow will not meet on Monday, May 29- Memorial Day)

Christian yoga combines two goals: becoming physically healthy and spiritually healthy. Our bodies are a gift from God for God. When the body participates fully in our spiritual journey, our relationship with God the creator is expanded and enriched. We become more spiritually healthy through stretching and yoga by calming our minds and quieting ourselves to the point that we can tune out the world's frequency and tune into God. The practice is hatha yoga- physical yoga poses (asana) combined with breathing (pranayama) which is a practice to calm the mind and body for deeper meditation and prayer. Classes are led by a certified yoga instructor, Michelle Mirkovich. A gift donation is appreciated but not required to attend. 

Enjoy Christian worship music, scripture readings, and prayers during your practice. Bring a yoga mat and a friend! Join our Facebook page! 

Where :: Bel Air Church When ::Monday mornings @ 10a (DC 101, 102) | Tuesday evenings @ 6:30p (Sanctuary)
Registration :: Childcare is available in the Monday morning classes for children 5 and under.
Registration required for childcare each week of attendance.

Spiritual Direction

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Future Events

Men and women are welcome to all Soul Care events!


An annual event held in February, providing the opportunity to journey deeper in your spiritual walk. This conference includes speakers, seminars, and community to enrich your soul! Our spiritual life is more than tossing a coin in a wishing well... it is an invitation to drink from the well of Living Waters!


A silent prayer method in which we experience God’s presence within us. As we rest in Him, we experience communion with Christ, a movement beyond conversation. Join us for a time of contemplation as we open our awareness through our mind and heart to God. “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


A day of reflection- an opportunity to connect art and spiritual formation. We will take time to encounter the art, discuss the invitations that come from it, and have an interactive tour of the exhibit. Art is viewed at an off-campus location and typically occurs three times each year.


St. Augustine once said of life’s concerns, “it is solved by walking…” There are many reasons to walks the labyrinth; some seek solace, clarity, and insights from the Lord. Some walk in hopes of praying through a problem and seeking resolution, some for the rhythms that come and the way they are met by God in the walking. Whether this sacred path is new to you or you have walked a labyrinth before, find the welcome of its pilgrimage. Let the spirit of God walk with you.


From Latin, Lectio Divina means 'divine reading.' An ancient art, lectio divina is a slow and contemplative way of praying the Scriptures that enables God's Word to come alive in new ways, inviting you into a deeper experience of knowing the Scriptures. In this lectio group you will meet with others to listen to a particular text in Scripture. Through a process of reading, reflecting, responding, and resting with the Biblical text, we have opportunity to share how God is speaking. 


Pause. Rest. Reflect. A quiet day for your soul. A half-day of soul refreshment and reflecting. Experience quiet individual time as well as group reflection and sharing. Join us for a half-day of soul refreshment reflecting on God's unwavering commitment to us, completing what He's begun in us. Experience quiet individual time as well as group reflection and sharing. Typically held a few times a year in various locations. 


In this noisy and over scheduled world it's important to set aside times of silence and solitude to better hear God's voice. Unplug from technology and do what Jesus did: come away and learn the unforced rhythms of grace.We will put our full focus on Christ for a weekend of guided teachings, reflections, and time spent in God's beautiful creation.Silent retreats are typically held three times each year- Spring, Fall, and Advent at Saint Andrew's Abbey in Valyermo, CA. 


Enhance Holy Week with this contemplative practice, offered the Thursday and Friday before Easter. Come journey to the cross as you see pictures, read Scripture, and contemplate Christ’s passion. Come at any time, stay as long as you need to within the event hours.

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