Science and Faith

Science and Faith Series


When:  Sundays through July 1 > 12:45–2 p.m.

Where: DC102

Do you have questions about how science and the Bible interact? The Science & Faith Series will take a scientific look at the Bible, the existence of God, and theological concepts. Join us for an informative and interactive class for both Christians and those considering faith!

This is not a Bible Study that looks at theological aspects of scripture, but rather examines the scientific credibility of Biblical statements on creation and nature. This series deals with the often-asked questions, “What does science say about the existence of God,” and, “If there is a God, who might that God be?” The existence question will be touched upon, but more focus will be on what science can tell us about the credibility of considering the Bible in one’s journey through life. This study is open to the full spectrum of spiritual beliefs from Christian to atheist and those of other faiths or viewpoints. The meetings are neutral ground for a free discussion of ideas. All that is required is an open mind and a respect for the opinions of others. You do not need a science background to attend as the series is geared for a general audience, but in-depth enough to be informative for those holding advanced science degrees. The format will be a 45-minute lecture, followed by discussion and then time to socialize with others interested in the implications science and logic have on spirituality.

Topic List:

April 8:  Formation of the universe, Big Bang Cosmology - Genesis part 1

April 15: Creation of the earth, sun and stars - Genesis part 2 

April 22: Appearance of life forms before man - Genesis part 3

April 29: Human Origins - Genesis part 4

May 6:  Noah’s Ark

May 13: Could there be other Universes? (Multiverse)

May 20: Origin of Life

Future topics (check back for dates) will include some or all of the following:

Evolutionary Theory – Part 1

Evolutionary Theory – Part 2

Critique of Evolutionary Theory

If God made the universe, who made God?

How does one know if something is true?

Where we got the Bible – Part 1

Where we got the Bible – Part 2

Cults, deception and bad science

Quantum Mechanics


The problem of pain & suffering (Thermodynamics part 2)

Could the Universe be a computer simulation?

Are we alone in the universe? The city of Laodicea


Speaker Bio: Perry Lanaro holds a B.S. in physics and an M.B.A., both degrees from UCLA.  He is a member of Mensa, a high IQ society, and spoke at their 2014 national convention in Boston.  He works in corporate finance in the entertainment industry.  He is associated with Reasons to Believe (

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