Foundations for Healthy Relationships: Safe People

Foundations for Healthy Relationships: Safe People

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When >> Sundays, April 8–July 1 > 12:45–2:30 p.m.
Where >> DC101 > Discipleship Center (across from the Sanctuary)

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

  • Why do I attract irresponsible people?
  • How did I end up in this relationship with a critical person?
  • How can I learn to find better friends?

The ability to determine good character in people is one of God's most vital ingredients for our personal and spiritual growth. At Bel Air Church, we believe that our value of Health means choosing to thrive in every area of your life, especially our relationships. The curriculum and community experienced through this workshop will be rooted in biblical principles to lay a foundation for a healthier life – we’re glad you’ve joined us.

The following dates outline the CHAPTERS and DISCUSSION QUESTIONS throughout this 13-week workshop. Each week, the accompanying DVD LESSON will also be accessible (each Monday after the workshop):

April 8 >> Introduction to Safe People  Introduction-to-Safe-People.pdf
April 15 >> Ch. 1 What is an Unsafe Person?  1_Safe-People-Chapter-1.pdf
April 22 >> Ch. 2 Personal Traits of Unsafe People  2_Safe-People-Chapter-2.pdf
April 29 >> Ch. 3 Interpersonal Traits of Unsafe People  3_Safe-People-Chapter-3.pdf
May 6 >> Ch. 4 How We Lost Our Safety  4_Safe-People-Chapter-4.pdf
May 13 >> Ch. 5 Do I Have a “Safety Deficit”?  5_Safe-People-Chapter-5.pdf
May 20 >> Ch. 6 Why Do I Choose Unsafe Relationships?  6_Safe-People-Chapter-6.pdf
May 27 >> Ch. 7 False Solutions  7_Safe-People-Chapter-7.pdf
June 3 >> Ch. 8 Why Do I Isolate Myself from People? & Ch. 9 What are Safe People?  8_Safe-People-Chapter-8.pdf  9_Safe-People-Chapter-9.pdf 
June 10 >> Ch. 10 Why Do We Need Safe People?  10_Safe-People-Chapter-10.pdf
June 17 >> Ch. 11 Where are there Safe People?  11_Safe-People-Chapter-11.pdf
June 24 >> Ch. 12 Learning How to Be Safe  12_Safe-People-Chapter-12.pdf
July 1 >> Ch. 13 Should I Repair or Replace? / Wrap Up  13_Safe-People-Chapter-13.pdf

Guidelines for Small Groups:
Guidelines for Small Groups.docx

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