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In the Word


Sundays > 10:15 a.m. > DC102

In-Depth Bible Study taught by renowned instructors.


Begins Sunday, September 8. Stay tuned for details.


January 21: 012118_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham1.pdf

January 28: 012818_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham2.pdf

February 18: 021818_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Abraham4.pdf 

February 25: 022518_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty1.pdf 

March 4: 030418_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty2.pdf 

March 11: 031118_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty3.pdf 

March 18: 031818_IntheWord_Dorr-Tilley_TheForty4.pdf

April 15: 041518_IntheWord_Worth_Jonah.pdf

April 29: 042918_IntheWord_Worth_Jonah.pdf

May 6: 050618_IntheWord_Sams_Cities.pdf

May 13: 051318_IntheWord_Sams_Cities.pdf

May 20: 052018_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul1.pdf

May 27: 052718_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul2.pdf

June 10: 061018_IntheWord_Wilkinson_Paul3.pdf


Below is a player that will allow you to listen to the past teachings.


"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42