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Why membership?

Membership is not one more thing to do. It's a statement about what you want to give to and receive from this community of faith. We have a mission from God in this city and YOU are part of His purpose. Be part of where we are going and how we are getting there.

Membership represents your desire and decision to be planted and put roots down here Bel Air Church. Our commitment to you, beginning with the membership experience, is to provide the conditions in which you are most likely to GROW through God’s guidance. Membership is where you can become known and get to know others while sharing your journey in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You’ll hear more about the God-sized mission, vision and values of Bel Air Church and be acquainted with where we’ve been and where we’re going. Discerning more about your unique gifts, you’ll learn about ways you can help others grow here!

Membership is a spiritual family, a team, a movement, and a commitment here at BAC.

“Commitment is stepping out in the belief that where you step has the ability to support you. You can transfer your weight to that new place. It exposes our vulnerability but it’s the only way to move forward.”

(Pastor Drew Sams)

What is the membership process?

The membership process consists of learning a little more about Jesus and Bel Air Church, small group discussion, reflection on your journey with Jesus and how he's calling you to serve Him, and the opportunity to interact with leadership in our church . The Membership process is capped off with the reception into the church body during our worship services. By the end of this process, it is our intent that you will be excited to be part of Bel Air Church membership, know people and have new friends, feel empowered to serve, and have some clear "Next Steps" in mind for your faith journey.


Membership Classes

Next Classes:

Sundays, June 10–July 29 > 10 a.m. >> Discover your significance at BAC as you become aware of what makes this faith community unique. Whether you’ve been here 6 weeks or 6 decades, our commitment is to seeing you flourish in the calling Christ has placed on your life. Will you journey with us in this discovery? Joining the church as a member is optional at the end of the course. (The group will join August 5.) 

Light refreshments will be provided.

Register here.

Infant Baptisms:

See the Baptism page for details.


How do I sign up?

If you are interested and want to participate in one of our Membership classes, please fill out the online registration form for the next class. Lunch is included. If you need childcare, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate that need. Our Membership Department will contact you to confirm your space.




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