Changes That Heal

Foundations for Healthy Relationships: changes that heal

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When >> Sundays, April 7–May 19 > 12:45–2:30 p.m.
Where >> DC101 > Discipleship Center (across from the Sanctuary)

At Bel Air Church, we believe Health is choosing to thrive in every area of your life. As we embody a life of health, our emotional, relational, physical and spiritual well-being will be transformed regardless of our circumstances. This class will contain powerful, biblical principles to build a foundation for a healthier future and we are excited that YOU will be a part of it!

The following dates outline the CHAPTERS and DISCUSSION QUESTIONS throughout this 7-week workshop. Each week, the accompanying DVD LESSON will also be accessible (each Tuesday after the workshop):

April 7 >> Introduction to Changes That Heal: Introduction to Changes That Heal

April 14 >> Session 1: Three Ingredients for Growth

April 28 >> Session 2: Bonding

May 5 >> Session 3: Separating from Others

May 12 >> Session 4: Sorting Our Good & Bad

May 19 >> Session 5: Becoming An Adult

Guidelines for Small Groups:
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Contact the Caring Ministries Department for more information.


SESSION 1:Three Ingredients for Growth

SESSION 2:Bonding

SESSION 3:Separating from Others

SESSION 4:Sorting Our Good & Bad

SESSION 5:Becoming An Adult